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About AspCodeLocker

AspCodeLocker provides ASP developers with a method to distribute ASP applications that are encrypted. With AspCodeLocker, ASP developers can also distribute their own ASP products as shareware NOW.

AspCodeLocker consists of

  1. AspEncoder.exe - GUI front end for ASP developers.
  2. ClientSetup.exe - GUI front end for customer of ASP developers to setup the RUNNING Environment for encrypted ASP codes.
  3. Help Documents - Helps for  ASP developers.
  4. Demos - Two demos shows the effect of this software.


  1. Friendly interface and easy operation.
  2. Reserved your original website  file structures.
  3. Do Not create temporary files while running in IIS .
  4. Auto recognize binary file and ASCII file. (Some developer modified the Access DB file extension from .MDB to .ASP for some security reasons.)
  5. Adapt cryptographic algorithm of the high intensity.
  6. Function of prevention from illegal copy of your ASP product. This function can provide the ASP developer as follows of product defend measure: Before running your ASP product in your customer's web server, the register code of your ASP product is needed. The register code is generated by AspEncoder.exe and is depended with the hardware profile of your customer's web server.
  7. No limitation to the length of the enciphering ASP files when you use a unregistered copy of AspCodeLocker. But every ASP page file will output string like  "AspCodeLocker Trial Unregistered Version". It's very convenient for testing before purchasing AspCodeLocker.

The following features are not supported in the current version of AspCodeLocker

  1. The <OBJECT> syntax. You must use Server.CreateObject to instantiate your objects.
  2. JScript (or JavaScript) as the server side script.
  3. Global.asa encryption. Support for encrypting the global.asa file is not planned, though
    you can use a non-encrypted one.
  4. MTS Transactional ASP pages -- that is, pages marked as transactional.

ASP file encryption example

Source File:

<title>This is a demo</title> </head>

Response.Write "Welcome to this blue planet."


  Encrypted File:

<%@ Language="VBSCRIPT" %>
<% 'AspCodeLocker (V3.1.0.0)
Set MyAspAppG = Server.CreateObject("AspAppCX.AspDecoder")
MyAspAppG.Tag = "LvUGk9P*/BG&gppEl"
MyAspAppG.Crc64 = "*!ETLg$A9B7fI!N36FBV"
MyAspAppG.Crc32 = "dd6AqZgQ6pqWuS6oZBXnE9+BVGFf+x15ly/mtPI1UdU="
MyAspAppG.AddCode "SRdnzDxNdsNldEQQ1bk2VFJ3h2mgNMTpiA3nwOhJnC/XQ1oLUpuKpxcHIrPNaREO5jA1hv8bCj6Zmi0j"
MyAspAppG.AddCode "ahvEQJCD+n3l7lkFvNchojO9a5M1iXgezxnmj2S1NJLeJa2DTb65nTy4wh7pMUp16Vyme46KDwWkpsZx"
MyAspAppG.AddCode "zPI="
Set MyAspAppG = nothing


AspCodeLocker Works(support@mygrep.com)

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